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        3. Admissions

          Tuition and Fees

          Shanghai Concord Bilingual School Tuition Fees

          As a not-for-profit organisation, all tuition and fees at Shanghai Concord Bilingual School are used for the sole purpose of operating and developing the school, for the benefit of student learning and improving facilities. Fees
          are approved by the Development and Reform Commission of Huangpu District and will be adjusted according to actual expenditure.

          The tuition fee covers tuition and other educational costs to support the school’s unique curriculum and education programme. It also covers the costs of textbooks, other materials, student’s supplies, and other enrichment activities.

          Tuition and Fees

          2018/2019 TUITION AND FEES

          (in RMB)

          Tuition Fees
           School   Semester 1  Semester 2 Total 
          Primary School 80,000 80,000 160,000
           Middle School  80,000  80,000 160,000
           High School   90,000  90,000 180,000
          • 01

            School Lunch Fee

            The school has contracted SinoDiet, a professional catering company to provide a lunch service for the students. Lunch is prepared on campus. The daily cost is RMB 35 for both lunch and afternoon tea. Lunch fees are paid per semester.

          • 02

            School Uniform Fee

            Parents are required to purchase a school uniform. 

          • 03

            School Activities

            Activities taught by coaches from professional external organisations incur additional costs as do those that involve transportation to other centres.

            Kindly enquire with the school office for more information.

          • 04

            School Bus

            Shanghai Concord offers a school bus service.

            Transportation fees vary according to actual routes.

          find us


          Address:No.53 Runan Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

          Tel: +86 21 5240 1091 or 5307 9916


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