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        3. about Us

          Academic and Administrative Staff


          • Mr. Xie Yingping

            Honorary Principal/Secretary of Party Branch
          • Ms. Yin Lijun

            Legal Principal
          • Mrs. Rachel Borland

            Executive Principal
          • Ms. Joy Pan

            Vice-Principal/Vice Secretary of Party Branch
          • Mrs. Joan McGillewie

            Head of Primary
          • Ms. Janet Cai

            Director of Learning (Primary)
          • Dr. Paul Chipman

            Director of Studies
          • Ms. Juliette Calow

            Head of English
          • Mr. Anthony Starkie

            Head of Physics
          • Mr. Patrick Brannac

            Head of Chemistry
          • Mr. Stephen Williams

            Head of Economics / Exam Officer
          • Dr. Abu H. Nidal

            Head of Computer Science
          • Mr. Paul J. Aarts

            Head of Art
          • Ms. Ge Jingzhi

            Head of the Chinese Curriculum/Middle School Chinese Teacher
          • Mr. Chen Xinrong

            Head of Sports
          • Ms. Grace Zheng

            History Teacher & Head of Enrichment
          • Mr. James Drinkell

            Maths teacher
          • Mr. Edward Simpson

            Maths Teacher
          • Mr. Song Xinghui

            Middle School Maths Teacher
          • Ms. Lu Dongzhi

            Maths Teacher
          • Mr. Howard Mulvey

            English Teacher
          • Ms. Abbi Ford

            English Teacher
          • Mr.Luke Bowen

            English Teacher
          • Ms. Shen Qing

            Middle School English Teacher
          • Ms. Elsie Han

            English Teacher
          • Ms. Claire Campbell

            Physics Teacher
          • Mr. Jonny Huang

            Science Teacher
          • Mr. Keling Han

            Chemistry Teacher
          • Ms. Don Qian

            Computer & Science Teacher (Primary)
          • Mr. Edward Jeavons

            Art Teacher
          • Ms. Maggie Yu

            Technical Skills Teacher
          • Mr. Chen Tao

            Middle School Chinese Teacher
          • Ms. Xia Hongfang

            Chinese Teacher
          • Ms. Liu Suying

            P.E Teacher
          • Ms. Cai Xiaojing

            Music Teacher
          • Ms. Li Qi

            Middle School Politics Teacher
          • Ms. Deng Xin

            Geography Teacher
          • Ms. Natasha Steyn

            Classroom Teacher
          • Mr. Hakim Benkacem

            Classroom Teacher
          • Ms. Emily Megoran

            Classroom Teacher
          • Ms. Megan Cooke

            Classroom Teacher
          • Ms. Effie Mao

            Chinese Teacher (Primary)
          • Ms. Shao Yiwen

            Chinese Teacher (Primary)
          • Ms. Queenie Jiang

            English Teacher (Primary)
          • Ms. Joey Zhou

            Maths Teacher (Primary)
          • Ms. Chen Minzhi

            Lab Technician
          • Ms. Susic Lv

            Art Assistant


          • Ms. Elieen Shen

            Admissions Director
          • Ms. Sue Ren

            HR Director
          • Ms.Amy Wang

            Finance Controller
          • Ms. Sophy Zhang

            Finance Consultant
          • Ms. Joe Dong

            Senior Operation Manager
          • Mr. Ming Shen

            Operation Consultant
          • Ms. Jessica Zhu

            Marketing Development Manager
          • Ms. Maggie Zheng

            Marketing Manager
          • Ms. Rebecca Rong

            Principal's Assistant
          • Ms. Kristy Shi

            Principal Office Assistant
          • Ms. Mia Lu

            Assistant of Head of Primary
          • Ms. Ellen Zhao

            HR Manager
          • Avery Zhao

            Senior IT Manager
          • Mr. Carlos Chen

            IT Trainee Manager
          • Mr. Chris Cheng

            Support Service Supervisor
          • Ms. Juli Zhong

            Purchasing Supervisor
          • Ms. Julia Zhu

          • Ms. Emily Ling

            Admissions Assistant
          • Ms. Niki Han

          • Ms. Cora Zhou

          • Mr. Tony Tang

            Assets Keeper
          • Ms. Lucia Xu

            Student Affairs Assistant
          • Ms. Jory Qiao

            Operation Assistant
          • Mr. Andy Shao

            School Maintenance
          • Ms. Emily Huang

          • Ms.Sherry Wu


          find us


          Address:No.53 Runan Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

          Tel: +86 21 5240 1091 or 5307 9916


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